bool(false) --Cannot Join Our Server?--

Clan branch for GTA:SA and SA-MP for both Jango's Fist and White Fox. Links to both clans are given in the forum.

    --Cannot Join Our Server?--

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    --Cannot Join Our Server?-- Empty --Cannot Join Our Server?--

    Post  Valkyrie on Wed Mar 17, 2010 4:55 pm

    If you couldn't join our servers its because one of the following reasons.

    1. You are not a clan member.
    2. You barely became a clan member.
    3. You are a member of the forum, but not the clan.

    The main requirement for you to been able to join our servers is being a member of the clan. Is you want to host our servers you must be at least a Captain in the clan to do so because those game modes are exclusive for the clan and its members.

    Why don't you have your game mode hosted in one of the SA-MP server hosts?
    No, our servers will NOT be hosted by a SA-MP server host, so I suggest you familiarize with the schedule of members that will be hosting our games.

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